Sunday Heaven

As the bride of Christ we are called to invite Him into every moment, to welcome heaven here, on earth.

Today was a day of unexpected tenderness. I sat down in church today, slightly tired from the morning test of wills. “Yes, we are going to go to the waterpark with a new friend. No, I won’t change my mind. Yes, I love you. No, we don’t go back on our word. Yes, I’m bringing food. No, you don’t have to even get in the water. Yes, I know you don’t want to go.” And on and on.

I had forgotten to buy milk so my breakfast was a banana dipped in Cheerios that my four year old had already picked through and cried about.

Turns out bananas rolled in Cheerios are quite heavenly.

Sundays are interesting. I move through the motions, the little habits that make our home run smoothly, the cleaning up, the wiping down, all the way until I’m standing in the pew listening to worship music wash over me and finally, finally readying my heart to stand and give glory to God.

Lord, forgive me.
Lord, I’m here!
Lord, thank you for getting me here.
Lord, You are so good.

And my hands are lifting and the voices are singing and I’m off and thinking about some unspoken dreams that got fulfilled this week, miracles of time and love, connections and friendships: hope that was lit softly and keeps growing.

And I open my eyes and there’s a little person who is staring hard at me. She’s got two little teeth and a squishy diaper. She’s being held by a woman I do not know who is a friend of her mother, another woman I don’t know. But she and I are saying hello.

After thirty minutes of worship, greeting her parents who look like royalty, and playing intermittent peek a boo this lovely little girl lifted up her hands to me, a stranger. I got to hold her, our foreheads leaning against one another for half a minute in companionable silence. After that we smiled and giggled and drew and enjoyed a most excellent service, where my pastor taught about heaven.

Heaven is finding the goodness of God in the face of a baby who likes you and your necklace and your smile and your blonde hair. She’s precious to me.

Watching my pastor pray over a guy who just so happens to be a draft pick for the Cowboys was really cool too. My church is full to the brim with coaches.

Later on I was invited to a brand new friend’s house and then to a water park. I was gifted with something useful, something I needed and wanted, that just so happens to be the exact shade of blue that I love. God is good.

My new thermos is delightful and every sip will be a reminder that I am loved.

In the wave pool my children remembered a game their Aunt taught them, “The Pool Game”. It is the most amazingly sweet thing you can imagine and yet also incredibly funny. And without thinking about it I did it to this new friend. I brought her close to me and told her how blessed I was by her kids and her gifts. And then I made her giggle too!

These kinds of days go by so quickly. Coming home to gourmet food that I never thought I could cook so perfectly in a crockpot. Watching as my children put away their wet things without prompting but forget about the towels.

The days are spinning by. I forget sometimes to write about these types of gentle times, lovely days with liturgy and rhythm and grace.

But heaven exists and often it visits us.

May you be comforted my friends, may you search out His peace. May you invite heaven in and know God’s grace.



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