I have seriously neglected any talent I may have had as a Charlotte Mason blogger. Mostly because I don’t believe in myself enough to be a CM blogger. It’s easy for me to share my roller-coaster of emotions or my struggles or whatever random thought that goes through my brilliant twink brain. I don’t mind sharing messy sparkles. It’s trying to be an organized elegant writer that has me balking.

Because, of course, elegant and effective is what I long to be.

I suppose I will keep trying. The truth is most of the beauty, peace, and order in my life are directly linked to Charlotte Mason. Of course, without prayer that link would be broken, without God accomplishing for me what I fail to do myself.. Nothing would be growing. But growing definitely describes my house and my heart, my children and the majority of my friends, albeit slowly.

I’m still on Y8. But recently I purchased (through the grace of an AO mom) a book I have wanted for quite some time.

I can’t convey how timid I am about reading it, yet alone writing about it. But I know you want to read it. And since it usually costs more than $300 on Amazon I know most of you won’t get to.  So I must share. Charlotte Mason changed my life and yet, writing about her is often the hardest thing for me to feel qualified to do. I do not feel worthy to discuss her high standards or the simple beauty of learning when I am struggling with other areas.

And yet… I want to keep reaching for beauty. And I find myself continually bumping into other moms who are struggling too and I want very much to love on them and encourage them.

In the dedication to The Story of Charlotte Mason by Essex Cholmondley it says,

“An author, in Latin, an ‘auctor’ is ‘he who promotes the prosperity, increase or existence of any object, whether he first originates, makes or creates it, or by his efforts, gives greater permanence or continuance to it (from augere, to make to grow, to increase).”

I talk to people every day and I share about the power of prayer in my life. I talk to people every day and I point them towards AO. I would like to write more.

I would like to keep trying to promote the power of a Charlotte Mason education for an adult who has had very little. I feel confident that anyone could start and grow significantly just by following AO’s free curriculum. But I’m a bit ashamed to mention great leaders if I know I’m such a mess. I guess if you’re interested you’ll have to forgive my ranting and cursing and crying and hyper INTJ girl eureka moments of prose. You’re my friend. You’ll understand. I should trust you more.

I have to write. It makes me a better person. And writing to you keeps me accountable so I can continue with this whole self-education thing.

This week I read a line from Churchill where he described Elizabeth’s reign as one long flirtation with England.

I kinda liked that. ;)

So let’s get started. 


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