True Submission

“One of my first real jobs was working as a pot washer for a large cafeteria. I spent my days up to my elbows in hot, soapy water, scrubbing burnt crust off of industrial-sized iron skillets, cookie sheets, and cauldrons. At night I would go home with an aching back, sore fingers, and cracked, bleeding … Continue reading True Submission


I would say hello…

A hundred times, a thousand times, a hundred thousand times, a million. I will say hello again. Hi. It's a wonderful thing, a terrible thing, a thing of beauty and fire: to serve this King who breaks hearts for freedom. I will always be honest with you and with Truth and Grace comes healing. Service. … Continue reading I would say hello…

Always Behind

On the phone, doing us, hours of us no matter how fast the night streaks by. I mention my book dreams. Dreams are difficult for me to share (with anyone but you friend). I may be a Super Secret die hard romantic with waves of passion fit only for epic poetry but I will not … Continue reading Always Behind

Sinners and Saints

She was still weeping and sniffling with abandon on the bed, having released this one last wall, her great recognition secret of shame, but this time she turned away from him in the dark whispering, “There’s no difference between the sinners and the saints, none at all, not really.” And she knew it to be … Continue reading Sinners and Saints


And so, the story begins, just like it always has, with a prayer being answered. My beloved friends.. keep praying and asking. Our God is the Giver of Great Things. And oh yes, I am in love, because my God sent me what I prayed for. It's going to be an adventure!